Fi: So after school, do ya wanna We sorta need to talk to Amy.

Mia: Yeah. Like, what time do you think we’d be going?

Fi: (Pause) I dunno cause she said she has to take Ben and Lucy out on the boat first.

Mia: Yeah so do ya reckon go home first and get everything ready?

Fi: Yeaaah, I might stop in at mine first

Mia: Yup

Fi: And then

Mia: Get wetsuit

Fi: Wait does your dad pick you up from up there? So maybe I’ll run into mine real quickly, get some stuff, and then

Mia: Oh yeah and then come back to mine, yup

Fi: Come back with you and then Amy will tell us when she’s ready and then we’ll just

Mia: We’ll meet her down there Oh! Awesome! (pause) It’s gonna be so much fun


Non-Standard Features:



Prosodic Feature (Pause)



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