11th August 2017

CHARACTER – Lord of the Flies

  • Name: Ralph
  • Appearance: Fair hair. Male. Young. Taller than Piggy. Past childhood. Boxer’s build.
  • Language: 
  • Origins:
  • Relationships: With Piggy (intellect and reason): Co-operative relationship                                                                                               With Jack: Competitive/Rival (evil)
  • Democracy, Reason, Order


  • Name: Jack
  • Appearance: “Within the diamond haze of the beach, something dark was fumbling along.” Foreshadowing                                        “Floating coat, tall, thin, bony, hair red beneath a black hat.” 
  • Language: 
  • Origins:
  • Relationships: With Roger: 2nd in command, like minds
  • Evil, Selfishness, Pursuit of Power


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